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Job Information Job #2748: Healthcare in Hialeah, Florida

Job #2748: Healthcare

Job Code:#2748

Title:Certified Surgical Technologist

Job Type:Contract

Job Location:Hialeah


Job Description:

Job Description


The Cardiovascular Operating Room (CVOR) Certified Surgical Tech (CST) will assist in nursing care and help prepare the surgical patient by performance of routine and delegated duties according to policies and procedures of the department of Surgical Services. The tech may perform scrub duties and related procedures. Assist in the maintenance of all supplies. The CST CVOR may provide assistance in emergency procedures as well as electric and scheduled cases. Assists the other team members in the preparation, transportation and supervision of patients. The CST CVOR may assist the surgical team by acting as the primary scrub person who handles the supplies, instruments and equipment during a surgical procedure. The Tech’s job is to the maintenance of the sterile field, as well as checking supplies/instrumentation and equipment needed for the procedure and ensures everything is working property. The CST will open sterile supplies, set up the table for each surgical procedure and provide a sterile field for surgical procedures. Make sure that other members of the surgical team have proper attire and assist the surgeon in the draping of the patient to isolate the surgical site. Maintain the sterile field by applying principles of aseptic techniques and informing the surgeon and/or team of any infractions. The CVOR CS Tech will pass instruments and supplies to the surgeon and be responsible for the count of sponges and sharps with the RN prior to the surgery and before the incision is closed. Cleaning and preparing the instruments for sterilization is another duty of the CST as well as assisting in the maintenance of specialty surgical services. Prepare the sterile dressing for the patient’s incision, pregnant mother requiring a C-section, or any other such event requiring surgical intervention.

The CST CVOR duties may include :

  • Preparing and draping the patient prior to procedure

  • Assisting the physicians performing diagnostic procedures

  • Observing and monitoring the patient’s blood pressure as directed by the physician as well as using other physiological monitoring equipment.

  • Continuous monitoring or the EKG and the ability to identify arrhythmias.

  • Handling and passing instruments, guide wires, catheters or other necessary items.

  • Select the proper technical factors and positioning of the patient to demonstrate anatomy and suspected pathology.

  • Maintain integrity and sterility of the equipment and supplies throughout the procedure.

  • Recognize and communicate the electrocardiographic and hemodynamic changes to the physician and other staff members throughout the procedure.

  • Utilize immobilization devices as appropriate for the comfort and safety of the patient during the procedure.

  • Provide care for patients from adolescents to the elderly.

  • Maintains established department procedures and policies, performance improvement, objectives, safety, environmental and infection control standards.

  • Operates monitoring equipment, records and interprets the data.

  • Assist with cardiac output determination and other calculations.

  • Has a good working knowledge of diagnostic catheters, sterile supplies and interventional catheter-based equipment.

  • Responds quickly and efficiently in an emergency procedure when necessary.

  • Years Experience: 2 years

  • Estimated Start Date: 2/25/19

  • Duration: 13 week(s)

  • Start Time: 7:00 AM

  • End Time: 5:00 PM

Job Types: Full-time, Contract