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Spokane County Behavioral Healthcare Customer Care Representative in Spokane, Washington

Behavioral Healthcare Customer Care Representative

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Behavioral Healthcare Customer Care Representative


$30,120.24 - $40,643.28 Annually


and Community Development 4th Floor 312 W 8th Ave Spokane, WA

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Job Summary

The first line of support responsible for providing prompt and responsive telephone assistance to callers regarding behavioral health benefits, eligibility information and referrals to network providers and/or other support resources or service systems. Triage and resolve complaints, grievances, and appeals. Provide a telephonic warm hand off to transfer clinical calls to a clinician or Designated Crisis Responder, when appropriate. Responsible for data entry, correspondence, and the completion of specified assignments that assist the department in meeting contractual goals.

TOTAL COMPENSATION: $38,553 - $52,023 annually. Total compensation is an estimate based upon base compensation, median retirement fund contributions, and current employer-paid health and related benefit contribution rates (including medical, dental, life insurance, long term disability, and leave). The actual total will vary depending upon each employee's enrollment choices.

Examples of Duties

Respond to a high volume of incoming calls varying in length.

Prompt telephone response to individuals and/or family members.

Utilization of interpreter services as needed to assist individuals.

Answering and screening telephone service inquiries and collecting demographic data as needed.

Analyzing member problems and responding to questions about eligibility, benefits, and procedures for accessing behavioral health services for eligible individuals.

Provide information on contracted services, including where and how to access them.

Provide information on authorization requirements.

Adhere to telephone performance requirements for call response times and abandonment rates.

Triage and assist callers in resolving complaints, grievances, or appeals.

Determine which calls need to be transferred to a clinician or a Designated Crisis Responder, as defined by protocols, including emergency call procedures.

Perform data entry and prepare correspondence.

Respond to requests for referrals to network providers.

Provide referral information to other support resources or service systems, such as Medicaid services administered by Managed Care Organizations, Ombuds, crisis responders, criminal justice system, and social services.

Provide outreach calls to eligible individuals as assigned.

Be familiar with and follow contract requirements to include priority populations, available crisis response services and eligible non-crisis behavioral health services.

Knowledge of the laws of the State of Washington and the Federal government as they pertain to behavioral health practice.

Performs other related duties as required

Minimum Requirements


Two years of customer service experience and one year of call center experience preferred. One year of experience working in a behavioral healthcare environment preferred.

High school degree or GED equivalent. Two years of college preferred.

LICENSE: Possession of a valid driver's license.

Selection Factors

Knowledge of:

· The operations, functions and terminology of the department and the work associated with the position.

· Telephone systems that measure performance and outcomes.

· English composition, spelling, grammar and other skills as required by the position.

· Basic computer skills required, including Word, Excel and Outlook; typing and data entry.

· Behavioral health benefits and Integrated Managed Care in Washington state.

· Regional service support systems and resources.

· Individual behavioral health rights and the process to resolve complaints, grievances and appeals.

Ability to:

· Make reasonable and sound decisions based on policies and procedures.

· Remain calm and efficient in a high stress environment.

· Develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, officials and the general public.

· Work with speed and accuracy in a courteous manner when dealing with the public.

· Work independently with little or no direct supervision and to understand and carry out complex oral and written instructions.

· Document thoroughly all required notes and information in a software technology based platform.

· Be reliable.

Skilled in:

· Customer service delivery.

· Organization, multi-tasking and prioritizing duties

· Employing strong interpersonal skills in order to handle difficult call courteously and professionally.


Employee Benefits Summary

The following is a brief list of benefits available to Spokane County regular employees. Complete information is available from Human Resources Department. This information is subject to change.


Spokane County Observed Holidays

Up to 10 (ten) paid holidays are observed by Spokane County.


Non-represented and a select group of represented employees receive a bank of hours that combine both vacation and sick leave into a paid time off bank. There is no waiting period to use this time and it starts out at almost 2 days per month accrual increasing in accrual rates annually for first 5 years.


For employees with less than five (5) years of continuous service, the accrual rate is 1 day of vacation each month for a total of 12 days per year. After six (6) months, employees are eligible to take accumulated vacation time. (Please note the vacation time accumulation may vary depending on contract language).

Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned at 1 day per month and can be taken as the days are accumulated.

Other Leaves

Spokane County provides several other paid leaves such as: bereavement leave, jury duty and military duty leave.


Medical Insurance

Two plans are currently available: Premera Blue Cross (PPO) and Kaiser Permanente (HMO). Spokane County pays 95% of the premium for full-time employees and 90% of the premiums for spouses and dependents. Premiums are deducted each pay period (pay periods: 15th and last day of the month).

2021 Rates:


Employee Only: $18.11 per pay period

Employee & Spouse: $71.20 per pay period

Employee & Family: $99.81 per pay period

Employee & Child(ren): $64.84 per pay period


Employee: $17.10 per pay period

Employee & Spouse: $66.93 per pay period

Employee & Family: $93.36 per pay period

Employee & Child(ren): $61.23 per pay period

Dental Insurance

Two plans are currently available: Delta Dental of Washington (PPO) and Willamette Dental (DMO). Spokane County pays 95% of the premium for full-time employees and 90% of the premiums for spouses and dependents.

2021 Rates:

Delta Dental Willamette Dental

Employee: $2.87 per pay Employee: $2.99 per pay

Family: $5.75 per pay Family: $5.98 per pay

Group Life Insurance

The County provides a $25,000 group life insurance policy to employees. The County provides a $10,000 benefit for those represented by 492, 492CS & 492CL. This benefit is paid in full by Spokane County.

Long Term Disability Coverage

Provides an income protection benefit in the event of a long-term illness or injury at rate of 60% of income up to a maximum of $5,000 per month. Spokane County pays the full premium for this plan. Deputy Sheriff's receive a benefit through their union for disability.


Retirement Plan (401a)

Spokane County employees are automatically included in the Washington State Retirement System. Both the employer and the employee contribute to the plan. This retirement plan provides a guaranteed lifetime monthly benefit once vested and eligible for retirement.

Additional Retirement Plan Option (457b)

Employees may supplement their retirement income and save money on taxes by participating in this optional County program. Roth (after-tax) option is also available through this retirement plan.



Supplemental insurance is optional and is provided by AFLAC to help pay for benefits not covered by major medical insurance. The employee pays 100% of the premium.

Travel Assistance

Provides additional travel protections anytime you travel more than 100 miles from home. Includes pre-trip information, emergency ticket replacement, and emergency evacuation coverage. This benefit is paid in full by Spokane County.

Flexible Spending Plan (FSA)

Spokane County sponsors a Section 125 Flexible Spending Account to allow out-of-pocket Medical & Daycare Expenses to be paid with Tax Free Dollars. Premiums are automatically set up pre-tax under the FSA.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

Voluntary Term Life Insurance is additional optional life insurance provided through The Standard Insurance. New employees are guaranteed up to $50,000 for self and $20,000 for a spouse with no medical underwriting needed.


Employee Assistance Program

Employees and their family members are eligible to receive free counseling. There are also benefits relating to financial and legal concerns.

Reduced Cost Bus Pass Program

Spokane County participates in a program with STA which discounts bus passes to $5 a month.

Wellness Programs

There are opportunities for nearby exercise programs at reduced cost and education programs around wellness themes including financial well-being, nutrition and stress reduction.


There are local and national discounts available to Spokane County employees.


BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVE: Do you have two years of customer service experience and one year of call center experience?

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    Do you have one year of experience working in a behavioral health or physical health environment?

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    A requirement for this position is possession of a valid Driver's License. Do you meet this requirement?

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  • No


    Highlight your office experience listing documents and duties you were responsible for.


    Please describe a situation where you helped resolve a concern or issue in a professional capacity which required you to implement skills of de-escalation, resolution building, and customer service.


    Please check the box that applies to your current Union status (if you are not a current Spokane County employee, please select "I am not a Union member").

  • I am in the open position's department and my position is covered by the 1553 collective bargaining agreement

  • I am in another department and my position is covered by the 1553 collective bargaining agreement

  • I am in a position covered by the Master Contract collective bargaining agreement (not 1553)

  • I am in a position covered by another collective bargaining agreement (not 1553 or Master Contract)

  • None of the above apply

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Spokane County


824 N Adams Spokane, Washington, 99260